Serving Others to Create Win-Win-Win Outcomes
Service is at the heart of Renaissance2- it is why we exist : to serve others, and to serve our planet. Instead of "catching fish & selling it" ( = business), "giving people fish" (= charity) or "teaching people to fish" (= development aid), we are in the business of “creating sustainable fishing industries which are fun to work in” (= social entrepreneurship) led by integral leaders creating beautiful outcomes.

To do this we work across sectors, mixing entrepreneurs with corporations with non-governmental organizations with institutes with venture capitalists and fund managers with banks and technologists and scientists and artists and… get the picture. We will leave no stone unturned in our passion to create a sustainable business model for a thriving planet by bringing beauty to life through integral leadership and innovation.

How to Get Involved Now

In the global market for services that make a difference there are three kinds of people:

Clients with specific challenges and opportunities

Service providers who are best qualified to help address specific challenges and opportunities and offer a range of approaches, methods and solutions

Experts who are the best qualified in their field to diagnose specific challenges and address particular opportunities.

At Renaissance2 we specialize in matching clients with service providers and experts to create elegant sustainable outcomes which benefit all stakeholders within the principles and purpose of the R2 Network. Becoming a member of the Renaissance2 Global Meshwork will enable you to connect with the right talents in the right places at the right time, within an ethical, integral framework that supports you in delivering your promises to your stakeholders in elegant and sustainable ways.

There are at least three ways you can get involved:
  1. Become a Member of the Renaissance2 Global Meshwork

  2. Become a Sponsor of the Renaissance2 Foundation

  3. Become an Allied Organization with Renaissance2