Co-Creating Legendary Breakthroughs that Shift our World

Renaissance2 is an ever expanding network of socially conscious leaders, focused on creating a sustainable business model for a thriving planet by bringing beauty to life. Our founding members come from all walks of life and are united in their diversitygunter by their shared passion for:
•     Evolutionaries. We have learned how to make integral, sustainable leadership real and how to apply this to generate accelerated personal, socio-technical and cultural evolution.
•     Imagination-Powered. We are working to catalyze those making the shift from our current “peak-oil”, doom and gloom outlook to a future powered by the sun, knowledge, wisdom and the human imagination.
•     Design-Centred. We are passionate about innovation , creativity and the use of design, the arts and culture to craft the perspectives, mindsets and prototypes which will drive 21st century life.
•     Action-Oriented. We are being the change and taking concrete action to demonstrate that we are serious about what is both necessary and possible in the rapidly emerging second Renaissance.


Executive Directors

Dr Robin Wood - Founding President
Robin is recognized internationally as being in the vanguard of integral leaders, business advisors, authors and entrepreneurs in Europe. He is based in the South of France and London, and has lived and worked in over 30 countries on 4 continents. He has founded, developed and supported hundreds of organizations to realize their full potential in sustainable ways. For example, he co-developed the World Bank’s first Sustainable Energy policy in 1992, co-founded one of Europe’s first e-business incubators in 1999 at E&Y, consulted to the UK Cabinet Office on social capital in 2002 and contributed to the UN Year of Micro-credit strategy in 2005.

As Founding President of Renaissance2 Robin is responsible for the vision, strategy and design of Renaissance2, as well as leadership of the executive team that ensures the effective operation of the organization.

Graham Boyd - Director
Graham has had successful careers across science, management and cultural projects. He has traversed many different fields during his life, both at work and personally. Following his need to understand how nature worked Graham started with a PhD and career in high-energy physics. Procter & Gamble came next, where he combined physics, people understanding and long term vision to lead the development of new products and new organisations. After initiating a wide range of new ventures, he has most recently founded a solar energy company. Graham currently lives in Belgium, at the heart of the European Union, and is a partner in a management training and consultancy company, TetraLD. A founding member of TetraLD, Graham is responsible in Renaissance 2 for the activity system connecting what's technically possible with what's needed by people and civilisation. This forms the backbone of the R2 vision, mission and of course activities.

Elena Wood - Operations Director
Elena has spent most of her career as an executive search consultant, prior to which she worked in various fields including Internet portal startup, travel industry and teaching. Born and educated in Russia, she has an MA degree in languages, literature, history, philosophy, psychology and pedagogy, lived and worked in different countries and speaks four languages. She is now based in the South of France where together with her husband Robin she runs a small boutique hotel and seminar space where she welcomes and takes care of guests from all over the world.
As Operations Director of Renaissance 2 Elena is responsible for the development of the business processes and infrastructure that enables Renaissance 2 and Galatea to grow and function smoothly.

Michel Saloff-Coste - Futurist & Author Director, France
Michel Saloff-Coste is a change catalyst, vanguard artist, integral and global futurist, business advisor and entrepreneur working with individuals, corporations and governments to create “fast insights into alternative futures”. He is a respected keynote speaker and has addressed many of the most important companies in the world raising global issues and creating awareness.

It was Michel’s role as consultant in management strategy and communication which inspired him to carry out more fundamental research on alternative futures. He even went as far as directing a multidisciplinary workshop on societal change, from 1985 to 1987, at the Ministry of Research in France. He used his research in the writing of ten popular books on leadership and the 21st century. Among his great achievements is the founding of the Club of Budapest in France, which is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to engaging citizens in discussing complex global issues.

Jamie Titus - Artistic Director
Jamie is based in New York City and Perpignan. Her work has been exhibited at major galleries and exhibitions in New York, Chicago and London. She founded ARIUM, New York's latest downtown venue for the arts, in 2006, and acted as its first artistic director until late 2007. She is a gifted pianist, artist, rider and lawyer who has lived, toured and worked in dozens of countries including China, Russia and S Africa.
As Artistic Director of Renaissance2 Jamie spearheads our artistic community, teaches on the Galatea program and contributes to our design programs. She is something of a renaissance woman in an age of specialists.

Some Sources of Inspiration and Role Models for R2 Leaders

Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Ervin Laszlo, Philippe Starck, Ken Wilber, Kofi Annan, Bjorn Stigson, Muhammad Yunus, Al Gore, Barack Obama, The Dalai Lama, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela, Jacques Delors, Jean Monnet, Federico Mayor, Vincent Callebaut, Tim Berners-Lee