Through a variety of research projects and pilot programs, the members, faculty and fellows of R2 have put together The WorldShift Leadership Circle to enable our members and partners to make the difference and be the change they seek in the world. This is a “plug ‘n play” package of perspectives, events, tools and processes which enable you and your organization to co-catalyze this great shift as part of a critical mass of world-shifters.

First, Renaissance2 WorldShift Leadership Circle Experts and members scan the world for great ideas and projects in a wide range of fields. Then, qualified R2 members and service providers are matched with projects to provide the leadership and management which ensure those projects are clearly focused. Next, sources of finance and capital are then arranged through R2 Sponsors and Donors to enable the project to move from the design through the build phases, which involves extensive prototyping in the field prior to launch. Finally, the project is launched into the world and becomes a successful example of social entrepreneurship at its best.