The R2 Global Meshworks

A powerful and inspiring global meshwork of innovative socially conscious leaders is emerging today through Renaissance2. Become part of the conversations between remarkable people dealing responsibly with the major challenges we face today as a planet. Leading academics, business people, advisors, politicians, artists, designers and architects, scientists and technologists are working together to address the challenges of the 21st century.

What is a Meshworks and Why it is Crucial?

We are all familiar with hierarchical organizations where we report to or are a "boss". We are also members of networks where we are "peers", and perhaps led by or act as a leader of others in the network. Organizations are good at getting things done, while networks are better at learning and adapting. A meshwork is cluster of networks which has the capacity to get things done. The rigid walls which corporations, NGO's, governments, enterprises and academics spend much of their time building to protect their territory, are real barriers to change and learning. A meshwork finds ways around, through and over such walls to create learning for social innovation.


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