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Are you someone exploring the frontiers of personal and organizational development? The Explorer Level Membership is for people who would like a deeper understanding of how they can personally navigate the challenges and opportunities of the next decade, and who would like to meet like-minded seekers and practitioners who are making a difference in their fields right now.  This is the first step of the Renaissance2 membership journey on personal and organizational development.

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Are you a leader, innovator or expert who is recognized at a national or global level for their contribution to their field?  As a Pathfinder Level Member, you will then become eligible to become a member of the R2 Pathfinder Circle. The R2 Pathfinder Circle is the inner-wheel of the Renaissance2 Movement.  Members of the Renaissance2 Pathfinders Circle play a variety of roles in the R2 Global Meshwork as experts, facilitators, track and project leaders and advisors, and as a result, become recognized on the R2 Global Meshwork platform by their peers, other R2 members and Pathfinders around the world.

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The Benefits of Becoming a Member of Renaissance2

Membership Benefits for Your Personal & Professional Development

  1. Accelerated Personal and Professional Development

  2. Transdisciplinary Networking with other Leaders

  3. Shifting your Family and Community toward Sustainable Wellbeing & Resilience

If you're someone with the passion and ability to contribute to the global village, but want to work together with others to make your contribution, R2 is right for you. You'll meet like-minded people at the Great Shift Gatherings, and with our on-line community platforms. People you can team up with to get the right things done. Plus, you have the full Renaissance2 Pathfinder toolkit at your disposal to ensure everything you do is grounded in the best practices from the entire global village.

Membership Benefits for Your Organisation

  1. Integral Organisational Change and Transformation

  2. Sustainability, Resilience & Renewability At All Levels

  3. Catalyzing Second Renaissance Innovation

  4. Incubating Mission-Critical Projects

Innovative leaders in business, government, financial institutions plus NGO’s and entrepreneurs are hard-pressed to stay in touch with the latest developments in their own ecosystems let alone the burgeoning worlds of social innovation, sustainability and technological breakthroughs. Most of the opportunities out there in our post-crisis great shift are below the radar and found through trusted advisors and networks.

  • Multinationals: The R2 program covers everything you need to navigate toward being a key participant in the renewable economy. The full service Renaissance2 Pathfinder program ranges from high level strategic change and expertise, through a new organizational operating system with executive training, to meetings to exchange best practices with doers across the entire spectrum of stakeholders.

  • SMEs, Social Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs and small businesses have a speed the multinationals lack, but are themselves missing the depth of experience of seasoned multinationals. The Renaissance2 Pathfinder program enables you to benefit from excellent practices from across the globe in a plug 'n play format, at whatever level is right for you, be it via a full program, or simply attending our Great Shift Gatherings to meet other successful individuals.

    Imagine how much more you could achieve if you were, say, developing a new money transfer system for Africa and were able to meet directly with the CEO of a cell phone multinational at our meeting, leading to the idea of cell-phone call credit transfers? That's what happened not so long ago in Africa!

  • NGOs, Non-Profit organizations: You have a pivotal role to play in the next ten years. R2 is here to enable to you do more, make it scalable and make it last. The Great Shift Gatherings and virtual communities will plug you into the best that is happening across the global NGO sector, and everyone else. Giving you size, reach and impact immediately. The Renaissance2 Pathfinder plug 'n play organizational operating system gives you the best in organizational design and process made relevant to your unique kind of work.

  • Government and Quasi-Governmental: At the Great Shift Gatherings you will be able to meet with people from across the global village who are getting stuff done. You'll be able to have a direct and immediate impact, ensuring that those who need to know about new governance and legislation on the horizon do know about it. You will also get direct feedback from the world's leading doers and thinkers on what is working, and what could be working better.

Membership Benefits For Your Country and the World

  1. Leadership for a Sustainable Future

  2. Thriving People, Communities and Cities

  3. Meaningful, Inspirational Culture and Design

  4. Incubating Planet-Critical Projects

In the next decade it is the responsibility of all leaders to catalyze the acceleration, deepening and transformation of our personal, organizational and social learning cycles. We know you will leave each Renaissance2 gathering with a sense of personal satisfaction at being part of a group of global innovators making a difference while transforming themselves, their organizations and their world.

The Worldshift Leadership Circle draws on a panel of accomplished leaders as both role models and potential participants in our events, including Worldshift Alliance partners such as the Club of Budapest, whose members include Ervin Laszlo, Mikhail Gorbachev, Paulo Coelho, Hazel Henderson, Muhammad Yunus and Peter Russell; Deepak Chopra’s Alliance for a New Humanity; Barbara Marx-Hubbard’s Foundation for Conscious Evolution; Jim Garrison’s State of the World Forum and pioneers in human, organizational and social development such as Don Beck, Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber.

The members of Renaissance2 also include several hundred leaders in business, NGO’s, government, the arts, science and technology.