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Imagine yourself living in a world...

...powered by renewable energy... where people live and work in well designed, resilient environments... in which enlightened enterprises deliver excellent, sustainable products and services... one where integral governance is provided by foresightful, healthy organizations and systems... and conscious evolution powers a thriving global civilization in which a wise culture and human wellbeing are paramount.

How to Get Involved in Co-Creating ThriveAbility...

Renaissance2 has developed a transformation process that scales around your strengths and developmental needs in a way that results in beneficial organizational and social outcomes.  For more information about how we do this, please visit the R2 Global Meshwork.

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Join the ThriveAbility Consortium

As a Sponsor of R2, you can select from a wide menu of options which enable your organization and network to amplify and improve the quality of your impact in the world. Together with your executive team, we can co-design a package tailored to your organisation.  Find out how you or your organization can join the ThriveAbility Consortium.


The R2 WorldShift Leadership Circle : Catalyzing Enterprise and Social Innovation for a Sustainable Planet, People & Profit

The WorldShift Leadership Circle is inspired by the genius of the first Renaissance, while moving beyond its limits… Toward the unleashing of the incredible potential emerging all around us at the dawn of the second Renaissance.

Renaissance2 catalyses meshworks of change-making networks, engaging the crisis on the planet as the biggest series of interconnected business opportunities in history. Meet leading experts in both enterprise and social innovation, and learn how to apply Collective Genius for change & innovation in your career and organization. Join us to explore fresh, integral perspectives... make inspired connections... and co-create fruitful outcomes.

For Leaders, Innovators, Decision-makers and Entrepreneurs

R2 Delivers Synergy by Weaving together 5 strands of activity through our Meshworks, Events and Programs

  1.  Make friends and business contacts who are aligned to your values and needs
  2. Make a better, more sustainable living by building relationships with successful innovators, designers, employers, entrepreneurs, customers and suppliers at the leading edge.
  3. Develop yourself and your career through the LifeShift and CareerShift programs.
  4. Co-create collective genius in your networks and organization through the WorldShift Leadership Circle and associated programs.
  5. Make a difference through a variety of prototypes and projects which catalyze innovation in communities and organizations.


Listen to what co-founder of the World Futures Society,
Barbara Marx Hubbard, has to say about Renaissance2 and its program

“Renowned architect, designer and one of the world’s first futurists and global thinkers, Buckminster Fuller, said of Barbara Marx Hubbard that she was the most intelligent person he had ever met.”