Climate Neutral Strategy for Chateau La Tour Apollinaire & Renaissance2

Our Current Scorecard:

At Renaissance2 & Chateau La Tour Apollinaire we are committed to becoming as carbon neutral as we can over the next few years. We are already achieving some pretty impressive targets for the tourism and training/personal development industries:

1. Carbon Neutral Energy: During 2008 90% of our energy supply was carbon neutral, with wind as the primary source and nuclear as a back-up.

2. Appliances, Recycling & Laundry:

1) Energy Efficient Appliances: All fridges, ovens, dishwashers, TV’s, computers and other equipment are category “A” (the most energy efficient type). We use energy efficient washing and drying machines
2) LED and Energy Efficient Lighting: All main lighting systems either use low voltage, energy saving bulbs or light emitting diodes (LED’s)
3) Recycling: Participate in town recycling programme
4) Staff and Guests are encouraged to switch lights and appliances off whenever possible and to use towels and linen until they are no longer fresh and clean.

3. Transport: The owners and staff at la Tour and faculty and clients on Renaissance2 programs:

1) Carbon Offset for Flights: Offset airplane flights with carbon offset schemes
2) Zero Carbon Transport: Using trains powered by zero carbon energy and bicycles in town area
3) Low carbon-emission vehicles: We use a Renault Scenic (less than 150g of CO2 per km) and Twingo (less than 100g of CO2 per km). Both have won French government awards for fuel efficiency

5. Water: We are self-sufficient in water for the gardens and pool through borehole and irrigation system drawing on a perennial underground spring, carefully pumped through micro-irrigation.

6. Construction: The Chateau is built with half-metre thick stone walls, insulated with cat 9+ insulation between floors and roofs, as well as inner walls and ceilings. Double glazed windows have been installed on the highest floors.

7. Suppliers: We vet all our suppliers and business partners to ensure that only the most sustainable companies are able to supply us. We order as much as possible over the internet which ensures less carbon in the logistics chain due to efficient providers.

8. Food & Beverages: All the food and beverages served at the Chateau are sourced locally from suppliers who are as close as possible to Perpignan- including water, wine, soft drinks, fruit juices, bread, pastries, fish, vegetables, fruit and so on. This means that our supplies are fresh and where applicable, seasonal.

Future Plans:

During 2009 we plan to:

• Wind Power: Switch the remaining 10% of energy supply in the chateau to electricity generated by wind power.

• Solar and Photovoltaic: Erect photovoltaic and solar panels to generate zero carbon electricity during 2009

Sponsoring Sustainability Initiatives:

• Renaissance2 Global Sustainable Leadership Development Centre

• Galatea Programme which develops innovative leaders with a social conscience focused on making a major difference by bringing beauty to life in a sustainable way