Developing Fruits, Roots and Shoots

Becoming involved with Renaissance2 offers many benefits at multiple levels, from the personal to organizational to national and global. R2 membership gives you the opportunity to network with your peers across a wide range of organisations and professions and create contacts of lasting value to your work. Learning at first-hand from world experts, you can accelerate your own professional development and gain the critical skills you need to be an influential part of the major changes unfolding today. As a member you will find out about the latest practices, tools and technologies being used by top practitioners worldwide. We have a simple philosophy about this: we are here to help you gain the fruits of more natural and powerful approaches to design, sustainability, innovation and integral leadership, centred around the guiding principles of beauty, goodness and truth in a 21st century context. There is much we can learn from nature in this regard.

For example, to realize fruits at multiple levels from your involvement in R2, you will need to cultivate roots and shoots. Roots are what you put down when you plug into an appropriate network of fellow leaders, members, mentors, coaches and trainers in a way that enables you to take the next steps in developing yourself, your community, your organization and the planet in healthy and sustainable ways.

Shoots are what you need to put out into your environment to energise yourself, sense new things and see existing things in new ways and through multiple perspectives at multiple levels. This will lead you to be able to not only re-perceive and re-equip yourself with the capabilities you and your organization need to make the rapid shifts required in the second Renaissance- it will also enable you to persuade and influence others in an appropriate way given their context and motivations.

  • Accelerated Personal Development
• Networking with other Leaders Across Disciplines
• Shifting your Family and Community toward Sustainable Wellbeing
• Personal Satisfaction of Contributing to and Transforming The World
  • Integral Organisational Change and Transformation
• Sustainability At All Levels
• Catalyzing Second Renaissance Innovation
• Incubating Mission-Critical Projects
National & Global:
  • Leadership for a Sustainable Future
• Thriving People, Communities and Cities
• Meaningful, Inspirational Culture and Design
• Incubating Planet-Critical Projects