Renaissance2 Alliance Program

Renaissance2 works with a wide variety of organizations and networks worldwide to amplify the difference we make by sharing and combining our collective resources. To become an R2 Allied Organization, please e-mail to indicate your interest or call us at +33(0)4 68 64 45 72 to speak with us about the program.  To make a donation to the Renaissance2 Foundation, click here

What Does it Mean to be an Allied Organization with Renaissance2?

As an ally of R2, you can select from a wide menu of options which enable your organization and network to amplify and improve the quality of your impact in the world, by:

Personal Membership: pre-qualifying members of your organization and network for Introductory R2 Personal Membership applications, at the special introductory rate;

R2 WorldShift Leadership Circle Package: as an R2 ally your organization can nominate up to ten professionals to use the WLC package in your organization and with your clients. This package includes telephone, online and face-to-face training and coaching options.

Great Shift Professional Gathering: nominating up to five key people in your organization to take part in the first of a series of events during 2009 known as "Great Shift Gatherings". These five people can each play three kinds of roles in the events: participant, facilitator or speaker

R2 Innovation Groups: You will also be invited to nominate up to two people to participate in each of the five R2 innovation groups, in a discipline relevant to the strengths and future growth of your organization.

ShiftShaper Awards: Each year an R2 panel of judges selects an individual and an organization in each of its six key innovation domains for a “ShiftShaper Award”. Each year your organization will be invited to nominate three programs/projects/enterprises which you believe have contributed the most to the “good news” and in reducing the “bad news” in our survival/thrival equation set out above.


What is the Value of Being an Allied Organization with Renaissance2?

SMEs, Social Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs and small businesses have a speed the multinationals lack, but are themselves missing the depth of experience of seasoned multinationals. The WorldShift Leadership Circle program enables you to benefit from excellent practices from across the globe in a plug 'n play format, at whatever level is right for you, be it via a full program, or simply attending our Great Shift Gatherings to meet other successful individuals.

Imagine how much more you could achieve if you were, say, developing a new money transfer system for Africa and were able to meet directly with the CEO of a cell phone multinational at our meeting, leading to the idea of cell-phone call credit transfers. That's what happened not so long ago in Africa!

NGOs, Non-Profit organizations: You have a pivotal role to play in the next ten years. R2 is here to enable to you do more, make it scalable and make it last. The Great Shift Gatherings and virtual communities will plug you into the best that is happening across the global NGO sector, and everyone else. Giving you size, reach and impact immediately. The Pathfinders plug 'n play organizational operating system gives you the best in organizational design and process made relevant to your unique kind of work.

Government and Quasi-Governmental: At the annual Great Shift Gatherings you will be able to meet with people from across the global village who are getting stuff done. You'll be able to have a direct and immediate impact, ensuring that those who need to know about new governance and legislation on the horizon do know about it. You will also get direct feedback from the world's leading doers and thinkers on what is working, and what could be working better.

To become an R2 Allied Organization, please e-mail to indicate your interest or call us at +33(0)4 68 64 45 72 to speak with us about the program.  To make a donation to the Renaissance2 Foundation, click here.


Some members of the R2 Allied Organization include: 

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