The Purpose of R2...

is to co-catalyze the shift to a renewable economy and world-centric consciousness. This would, at its best, nudge us into the conditions which could create a second Renaissance on a planetary scale during the 21st century. How is this possible?

We do this by...

acting as an integrator of, and accelerator for, the thousands of organizations, networks and programs making a difference somewhere in the global village, but who are largely unaware of each other. This means that there is a massive opportunity to accelerate the learning and effectiveness of these organizations and networks through a meshwork of networks.

That ultimately means we end up with the critical mass we need to ensure the good news can outpace the bad news, and that human civilization as we know it will survive and thrive in the 21st century and beyond.

What is Renaissance2?

Renaissance2 is an independent, not-for-profit foundation dedicated to catalyzing enterprise and social innovation that co-creates a renewable, thriving world for all of us. We work with and offer programs and events to both individuals and organizations in over 30 countries.

Our members are leaders, decision-makers, innovators, designers and entrepreneurs drawn from a broad variety of professions and industries. Together we offer fresh perspectives, inspired connections and fruitful outcomes to anyone who shares our passion for co-creating the next generation of socio-technical systems which offer us the promise of a thriving future.

Why Seven Innovation Crucibles are Critical to a Thriving Future for Our Planet


The biggest challenges and opportunities in the 21st century revolve around our ability to create

Click on the highlighted Innovation Crucibles above to find out how Renaissance2 is catalyzing Enterprise and Social Innovation in each of these areas to co-create a thriving future for us all.