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Survey Results

The R2 Global Community : Creating More Value for Our Members

We're delighted to be able to share with you the results of the June 2010 Renaissance2 Global Community Survey. This survey is the first step in an ongoing process to focus more precisely on how R2 can add greater value to you in the future.  If you have not already completed the first survey, you are invited to join us in this next phase of our evolution by participating in the second survey.  To the eighty R2 community members who completed the first survey, our most sincere thanks - your feedback has been invaluable and the R2 team inspired by the new possibilities that are emerging in this process.  Your further involvement in this next stage would be most appreciated and will also help you get more of what you want from R2!

You have told us that the top three areas in which R2 contributed the most value to you since its inception two years ago, were:

  • The Events and Gatherings
  • The Meshwork
  • The developing community of practice supported by the gatherings and meshwork.

Most of you are entrepreneurs in spirit and in practice whether regular or social entrepreneurs. The majority of the R2 Global Community appear to be highly skilled as strategic thinkers and agents of change and transformation.  Most of you are experts in one or more domains of practice with between ten to thirty or more years of experience in specific industries and senior roles in organizations, though today most of you are engaged in small entrepreneurial ventures with between twenty to one thousand employees.

The big benefit of being part of the R2 Global Community and its events and meshwork you all mention is the way it facilitates strategic perspectives and synthesis of the main trends and opportunities emerging globally around renewable energy and habitats, enlightened organizations, integral governance, conscious evolution and cultural evolution.

So to co-create an event that will give you something more than you can get in a discipline-centric event, we'd like to take a deep dive into just what would be most useful to you in the next gathering. The top four benefits you've identified (out of the dozens identified) that we're taking as a draft framework for the next event are:

  • Connecting to inspired people and opportunities
  • Small sharing circles and individual time
  • Participant Keynotes and Masterclasses
  • External Keynotes and Masterclasses

Within the next week, you will receive a link to our second survey which highlights more precisely the options open to you for our next event as well as the opportunity to contribute your own topics and processes.

Below you will be able to dive into the overview and more detailed results of our first survey.  You're also invited to join the Shape R2 forum by clicking here to add your comments and further thoughts on the results our first survey.

Synthesis of Results of the first R2 Global Community Survey

The survey respondents want to make a difference in and through businesses and organisations. They are informed people who want to take action and more than half see themselves as entrepreneurs. The majority belongs to the 41-60 age group, many with deep organisational experience in change, strategy and innovation.

Most respondents share a wish to combine wise practices and hands-on business approaches. We are asked to continue bringing  together spiritual, developmental and organisational threads while being more mindful to avoid pushing jargon and exclusive language that makes it hard to get involved or might turn off some people for the  connotations many words have.

Much value was added by offering a space to take a step back to reflect. Personal interactions in small groups as well the opportunity to getting to know people with a similar vocation through a deep and honest circle were transformational for some.

Group interactions were also welcomed as a sounding board for entrepreneurial actions, to gather feedback, additional ideas and valuable contacts which can help take their projects to a new level.

A desire for Master Classes and Webinars with global and Renaissance2 thought leaders was mentioned several times - to enable people who could not make it to our events for budget or time constraints to participate in the learning. Another benefit of a masterclass would be the possibility to go deeper into specific topics than is currently possible in the 1-2 hour sessions at physical events.

The establishment of local R2 groups in Europe and North America was also requested often. 

To those of you who've participated in our journey and the survey so far, a hearty thank you.  To those of you who are about to tell us more about your needs and ideas, we look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,
The R2 Team

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